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Stripped Fitness offers effective 1-2-1 and group personal training programmes in Wanstead and the surrounding area. Our service is tailored it’s tailored to you, the busy Londoner.  We also provide corporate personal training across London.

Were different; we focus on the whole picture: fitness, nutrition & mindset because it takes all three combined to get results. Most importantly, as we work together, we show you how, so that you build the skills and knowledge to sustain your results. Our approach is simple, effective and designed around you.

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Are you are fed up with dieting, busy gyms and not getting the results you want? Take it from us, we understand where you are whatever your starting point. So, we teach you the straight talking facts about exercise, what you need to eat and the mindset to make it happen. Working with us is an investment of your time in your confidence, body and health and it feels good.

I am a certified personal trainer with a passion for fitness & food. Having worked in the city for several years, I decided to follow what I love doing and share all my experience with you. Stripped is about removing all the noise and focusing on the facts, so you learn about your fitness & nutrition whilst building long term motivation.  I love all types of fitness, whether strength training, outdoor suspension or long distance running – for me it’s all about variety.


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