Mastery Is A Journey Not A Destination

Our programs focus on the facts and give you the knowledge you need about nutrition, fitness and motivation to succeed. We guide you through your journey the most effective and efficient route. We keep it varied using proven methods to get you results. So whether you are looking to lose weight, build strength, tone up or get fit for an event, we create a bespoke plan for you.

Personal Training

Home Training - Wanstead, Redbridge, Chigwell and Leyton

Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training - Stripped Fitness - Redbridge


Studio Training - Stripped Fitness - Leytonstone


Outdoor Training - Stripped Fitness - Leytonstone, Wanstead, Leyton


Studio Training - Wanstead, Leyton and Leytonstone

Your Journey Starts Here


Your Journey Starts Here

One - Make an enquiry: We can answer any question you may have.


Your Journey Starts Here

Two - Your consultation: Part discussion / part action we can map out your goals, where you want to be and discuss how to get you there.


Your Journey Starts Here

Three - Your Program: Having agreed your goals, we deliver your bespoke program to you, your goals and where you want to be.


Your Journey Starts Here

Four - Over the time that we work together, we build your knowledge.


Your Journey Starts Here

Five - Sustain.


Get in touch to book your free assessment and start your journey today.

Program Options

Physical results we can help you get

Ideal for those who want to get back into exercise, shed body fat or tone up.

Choose to train between 1-2 times per week. Flexible and ideal to fit into your busy lifestyle.

We will deliver a tailored plan that gets you focused, motivated and builds your knowledge. We help you build new systems and give you the tools to implement them as part of our bespoke programme. 

•   121 Consultation to access your goals and needs

•   Optional body composition testing

•   Stripped fitness portfolio to build your knowledge as we go

•   Agreed review points throughout the program

•   Bespoke training plan and nutritional guidance

•   Ongoing support and motivation (phone/email)

The intense program is where you really see change quickly. Ideal for those that want to put in the hard work and get results. You will train a minimum of 2-3 times per week for 12 weeks. 

We will deliver a tailored program which will focus you and get you in the new zone for reaching your goal. We will give you the tools and we’ll practice them giving support and motivation to get you there. 

•   121 Consultation to access your goals and needs

•   Optional body composition testing

•   Stripped fitness portfolio to build your knowledge as we go

•   Bespoke training plan and nutritional guidance

•   Ongoing support and motivation (phone/email)

•   Weekly review

•   All the blueprint tools for fitness success

Choose to train with a friend, partner or small group (up to 4 upon request).  It’s a great way to share the experience and work together, whilst achieving your goals and getting results.

You can choose to train with us on a Lifestyle or Intensive program as part of a duo or small group. You receive the same tailored program working towards both of your goals.

*We charge for one person and an additional 25% per person thereafter.

Corporate Fitness

Stripped Fitness brings the personal training to you and into the work place. We provide group and 1-2-1 employee fitness programs and sessions across London. It is an investment in employee health and a great way to encourage staff to take part in physical activity which can stimulate creativity, productivity and add a new dynamic to the work place.

Fitness trainer Leytonstone and Redbridge
  • You choose a time and class.
  • One of our qualified and insured personal trainers comes to you with equipment to deliver the session.
  • Classes are tailored and suitable for all fitness levels, our personal trainer will be there to guide, support and motivate the group throughout.

Awareness around exercise, healthy lifestyle and physical activity is something you can’t avoid at the moment. Getting physically fit for the pressures of your job and life are essential. Adding physical activity to your day can really help stimulate productivity and focus, as well as being a great team experience and a rewarding break from desk work.

  • More focused, cohesive and productive team as a result of physical exercise
  • Boosts morale
  • Can be fit around daily schedules
  • Team building and cross team relationship building
  • Great addition to benefits package resulting in staff retention and talent attraction
  • Raised awareness around health and nutrition resulting in less sick days
  • Company is promoting a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Better work life balance
  • Group Fitness and Personal Training
  • One to one personal training program
  • Selection of popular classes including: Intervals, circuits, HIIT

We are used to working with different arrangements. We can train outdoors in local parks or in office space. Depending on numbers we can work in any space that is clear or can be cleared.

Either 30 min or 60 min depending on the class, you can choose from a range of classes we are able to put on. There are two payment options, either the company pays as a benefit for employees

There are typically two payment options:

  • Either the company pays as a benefit in kind
  • Employee contribution

We have found that offering our service as a benefit in kind for employees has worked well with other clients. Rates available upon request.